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My 21st Century Adversary

by Don Baham on August 12, 2018

Like a thief in the night

it comes



successfully demanding

that I hear and obey

it’s irresistible

siren song …

As you momentarily

divert your attention

away from your computer screen

or cell phone screen

I mistakenly believe that

at this time you will

give me your full attention

only to be disappointed again

that my 21st Century Adversary

has won again …

At times like these

I rather sadly return

to ruminating about having

lost the fight for connection

and possibe intimacy with you

my lifelong mate …

There seems to be something

ultimately evil in a thing

that can successfully disrupt

my attempt to share

more of our mortal existence

with each other …

However fruitless

the wish might be

like Paul Mc Carney

I sometimes long for yesterday

when adversaries could be

more readily identified

and defeated …