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A Most Memorable Erotic Dream

(night of Thursday, April 9, 2020)

By Don Baham – April 9, 2020

Sometime after midnight, last night in a dream-like state I became aware of a just-finished dream where I had a near sexual encounter that was just moments short of a physical/psychological orgasmic culmination that at that moment had me simultaneously experiencing the moment of the dream and a not-quite-awake awareness of longing for the orgasm that I had long ago not experienced either in a similar dream-like state or otherwise.

In my dream-like state at that moment I realized that my dream had vanished into the ether to be recovered in a similar dream or in a new alive experience.

But in this moment as I write this I realize that there cannot be such a similar dream since I had no impression of who, how, or why she was the recipient of my profound and beautiful primitive sexual attraction to her; I was only aware of my senses registering how her inviting nudity appeared to my sight, her musk in the air, and my near- nakedness as I was seconds away from our mating.

I look forward to when the girl in this dream reappears, or an approximation of her that pleases my senses appears, or a new alive experience occurs.