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How To Make A Wearable Political Protest Sign

(by Don Baham,, Feb 10, 2017)

I make and wear such signs in publicly regularly and have a delightful time talking with responders.

When a responder agrees with my message, I get to feel supported and not so “by myself”.

When he/she/whatever disagrees, I get a chance to tell them why I am so passionate about what’s on my sign, a chance to ask them why they feel strongly about their disagreement with my sign’s message, and a chance to visit for a minute with a fellow human being!

And, lastly, I believe that if Jesus, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King could see me and my sign, I think that they’d probably give me a hearty “Atta Boy”!

Steps To Make Your Sign

Sign Materials

   -Computer to create and print sign using a word program

   -Nylon cord to hang sign around neck


   -5-mil laminate sheets from Office Depot

   -Single-hole punch

Preparing and Assembling Sign Materials

   -For an 8½x11 size sign, type 4 to 7 lines in any font and color(s); for an 11x17 size sign, would make for bigger print but more lines could affect readability for persons walking toward you.

   -If you use a color printer at home, print your sign and take it to Office Depot where they will laminate it for you; if you don’t have a color printer, put the sign file on a thumb drive and take it to Office Depot where they will print and laminate it.

   -When the sign is printed and laminated, use the single-hole punch to punch a hole about ½ inch from the edges of the upper corners of the sign (two holes).

   -Cut Nylon cord into a 36-inch length, tie a knot about ½ inch from each end, and use the tip of the match flame only to carefully melt ends to prevent fraying; if you are not careful, you can melt your newly-created knots causing you to have to cut a new cord length.

   -String the cord through the holes in the top of the sign and tie the ends together using a simple square knot.

   -Doubling the cord gives you just enough room to slip the sign over your head to wear it so that it has maximum visibility.

Examples of Wearable Political Protest Signs

Though you may not agree with the message on some of my signs, you can see some of my creations to stimulate your own imagination and creativity on my website as follows:

Go to

and Click on “Progressive Activist”