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Dr. Don Baham


Don Baham’s Progressive Activist Posters

Following are copies of posters created in pursuit of my progressive activist activities. I’ve made standard-page-size color laminated copies that hang around my neck using nylon cord. I wear different ones in public to encourage discussion. You may copy or download any of them for your own use free of charge. I shall add more as warranted by the social/political climate.

List of Posters:

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  1. 1.
    Hitler’s Reichstag Fire is model for Trump146_Hitlers_Reichstag.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0

  2. 2.
    In Memory of an Extaordinary Human Being John Lewis145_In_Memory_of_John_Lewis.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0

  3. 3.
    Do Not Despair! Make Tomorrow More Lovingly!144_Do_Not_Despair.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0

  4. 4.
    Needed, A Constitutionally Guaranteed Stipend!143_Needed.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0

  5. 5.
    Which is Worse? Trump’s ...  or Putin’s ...142_Which_is_Worse.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0

  6. 6.
    Excess Wealth and Health are not Compatible!141_Excess_Wealth.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0

  7. 7.
    A Smile, Fist Bump... or all of the Above!140_A_Smile.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0

  8. 8.
    Save Our Planet: Join The Extinction Rebellion!139_Save_Our_Planet.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0

  9. 9.
    Which are you? Capitalist,Socialist, or Nurturalist?138_Which_are_you.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0

  10. 10.
    My Fuel is Hugs: Please Keep Me Operating!137_My_Fuel_is_Hugs.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0

  11. 11.
    I Have Hug-Deficiency Disorder: HELP!136_Hug-Deficiency.htmlshapeimage_17_link_0

  12. 12.
    In Momma’s Immortal Words: Be Nice!135_In_Mommas_Words.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0

  13. 13.
    Make My Day: Please Hug Me!134_Make_My_Day.htmlshapeimage_19_link_0

  14. 14.
    You Are Lovable Just The Way You Are!133_You_Are_Lovable.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0

  15. 15.
    I Love You Just The Way You Are!132_I_Love_You.htmlshapeimage_21_link_0

  16. 16.
    How Do You Walk-The-Talk?131_Walk-The-Talk.htmlshapeimage_22_link_0

  17. 17.
    Can you Hug The Other Until You Both Smile?130_Can_You_Hug.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0

  18. 18.
    Nobody Can Tell Me What To Do, Not Even Me!129_Nobody_Can.htmlshapeimage_24_link_0

  19. 19.
    Humankind  -  Be Both!128_Humankind.htmlshapeimage_25_link_0

  20. 20.
    Practice “Listening” with More Than Your Ears127_Practice_Listening.htmlshapeimage_26_link_0

  21. 21.
    Dr. Don's Non-Pharmalogical Anti-Depressive: Kindness!126_Non-pharmalogical.htmlshapeimage_27_link_0

  22. 22.
    Sympathy is good but...125_Sympathy_is_Good_But.htmlshapeimage_28_link_0

  23. 23.
    Americans: Please Reclaim your Capacity for Empathy124_Americans_Please_Reclaim.htmlshapeimage_29_link_0

  24. 24.
    Butch Makes Me Smile Too!!!123_Butch_Makes_me_Smile.htmlshapeimage_30_link_0

  25. 25.
    Non-white Lives Anywhere Matter Too122_Non-white_Lives_Matter.htmlshapeimage_31_link_0

  26. 26.
    Black Lives Anywhere Do Matter121_Black_Lives_Matter.htmlshapeimage_32_link_0

Want to make a sign for yourself?

go to:  How To Make A Wearable Political Protest Sign


Don Baham's Reason for being an Occupier and becoming a 99-percenter.


Martin Niemoller (1892-1984) was a Protestant Pastor and an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out -- because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out -- because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out -- because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.

Don Baham (1928-present) is a Secular Humanist Minister, an outspoken public foe of Malignant Capitalism, and a 99-percenter


They are coming for the advocates for Social Justice, and I am speaking out – because I am for Social Justice, the foundation of democracy.

They are coming for the Trade Unionists, and I am speaking out – because I am a Trade Unionist and without Trade Unionism we are simply fodder for Monopoly Capitalism.

They are coming for the Independent Thinkers, and I’m speaking out – because if I think only what the Predatory Capitalists tell me to think I will simply become a tool for their exploitation.

They are coming for the Brown Skin Immigrants, and I’m speaking out – because I am Brown-skinned and reject the Racist Capitalists rejection of the fact that the content of my character is the sole determinant of my worth.

They are coming for the Poor and Indigent, and I’m speaking out – because if I don’t, it’s only a matter of time before I join the ranks of the Poor and Indigent myself because of Vulture Capitalism.

They are coming for the LGBT, and I’m speaking out – because were it not for the roll of the genetic dice I could be LGBT.

They are coming for The 99-percenters who are resisting the Monopoly Capitalists’ limitless need to dominate and control all living things, and I’m speaking out – because I am a 99-percenter and if I don’t speak out, this wondrous experiment in democracy called America may sadly perish; and possibly most if not all of life on this planet may perish with homo sapiens.

Label us socialist, communist, trouble-makers, even Al Qaeda, just rest assured that we, The 99-percenters, will go away only when you, The Monopoly Capitalists, become content with being only millionaires instead of multi-millionaires and when you allow some viable form of Democratic Socialism to become America’s form of government.