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Dr. Don Baham


    The Life of Dr. Don Baham

  1. I came to Beaverton, OR (a suburb of Portland) from New Orleans, LA by way of WWII army duty in Yokohama, Japan and civilian life in Los Angeles, CA.

  2. I have 5 daughters, 15 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren, and a beautiful wife.

Why I Look the Way I Look

  1. Recently, I was obliged to describe why I look the way I look for the print brochure of my Creole Family Reunion in Louisiana. Following is the result:

Definition of Louisiana Creoles

  1. (by Don Baham, Louisiana Creole; October 6, 2009)

  2. Louisiana Creoles are people of varying mixtures of red, white, and black racial heritage largely descended from the colonial white (European), slave black (African), and indigenous red (Native American) races from the time before Louisiana became a possession of the United States through the Louisiana Purchase (1803).

  3. Unlike many other ethnic groups in the United States who are immigrants from other countries, Louisiana Creoles are a mixed-race group that originated in Louisiana, USA and are descended from American-born forebearers.

  4. Having originated in Louisiana, some Louisiana Creoles have moved to other larger American cities and to a greater or lesser degree formed pockets of Louisiana-originated Creole groups/culture.

  5. Louisiana Creoles have over time developed a unique culture and language derived mostly from the French with minor contribution from other languages. This Patois’ evolved in the nineteenth century and at that time was used by slaves and planters alike … and continues to be used today in some older Louisiana Creole groups.

  6. This Louisiana Creole unique culture also has a distinct relationship with food, nutrition, and ritual around food preparation and consumption. Louisiana Creole cuisine incorporates spices, ingredients, and condiments from the French, Italian, Spanish, African, and Native American cultures.

  7. The Louisiana Creole community is purely American in its diversity of interest and involvement in political, social, and other interests vital to our freedoms and way of life.

  8. Louisiana Creoles come in all physical presentation, including eye color, skin pigmentation, and hair grade. Probably the most significant characteristic of Louisiana Creoles, in addition to physical presentation, is a mindset that manifests itself in a quiet appreciation of their unique racial heritage and culture.

Listings of Some of My Favorite Things

Favorite Movies/Plays

  1. Dr. Zhivago

  2. Patton

  3. Johnny Got His Gun

  4. Lawrence of Arabia

  5. The King’s Speech

  6. South Pacific

  7. Saving Private Ryan

Favorite Music/Songs/Singers

  1. Is That All There Is

  2. Alphie

  3. Frank Sinatra

  4. Al Hibbler

  5. Herb Jeffries

  6. Duke Ellington

  7. Arthur Prysock

  8. John Gary

  9. Sam Cook

  10. Billy Strayhorn

  11. Joe Williams

Favorite Authors/Playwrights

  1. Athol Fugard

  2. Ernest Hemingway

  3. Chalmers Johnson

  4. Paul Krugman

  5. Eric Berne

  6. William Greider

  7. John Perkins

  8. Amy Goodman

  9. Greg Palast

  10. George Lakoff

  11. Michael Moore

  12. Naomi Klein

  13. Nelson Mandela

  14. Andrew J. Bacevich

  15. Eric Fromm

  16. Ashley Montague

  17. Ralph Nader

  18. Howard Zinn

  19. Noam Chomsky

  20. Bill Moyers

  21. James Baldwin

  22. Martin Luther King

  23. Chris Hedges

  24. Daniel Goleman

  25. James Baldwin

  26. Bertrand Russel

  27. John Lewis

  28. Kurt Vonnegut

  29. William Faulkner

  30. George Orwell

  31. Gore Vidall

Favorite Organizations

  1. The Alliance for Democracy – www.thealliancefordemocracy.org

  2. American Civil Liberties Union – www.aclu.org

  3. Physicians for Social Responsibility – www.psr.org

  4. Mad As Hell Doctors – madashelldoctors.com

  5. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers – www.madd.org

  6. American Humanist Association – www.americanhumanist.org

  7. International Transactional Analysis Association – www.itaa-net.org

  8. The Nature Conservancy – www.nature.org

  9. Oregon Public Broadcasting – www.opb.org

  10. League of Women Voters – www.lwv.org

  11. Human Rights Watch – www.hrw.org

  12. Sierra Club – www.sierraclub.org

  13. Council for Secular Humanism. www.secularhumanism.org

  14. Southern Poverty Law Center – www.splcenter.org

  15. KBOO Community Radio – www.kboo.org

  16. Earth Justice – www.earthjustice.org

  17. Special Olympics – www.specialolympics.org

  18. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – www.ushmm.org

  19. National Foundation for Cancer Research – www.nfcr.org

  20. American Association of Retired Persons – www.aarp.org

  21. The Humane Society – www.humanesociety.org

  22. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – www.naacp.org

  23. People for the American Way – www.pfaw.org

  24. National Organization of Women – www.now.org

  25. Amnesty International USA – www.amnestyusa.org

  26. Democratic Socialists of America – www.dsausa.org

  27. Public Citizen – www.citizen.org

Favorite Publications

  1. Justice Rising - www.alliancefordemocracy.org/newsletters.html

  2. The Hightower Lowdown – www.lowdown.org

  3. Extra! The Magazine of FAIR – www.fair.org

  4. Consumer Reports – www.consumerreports.org

  5. The Humanist – www.americanhumanist.org

  6. Democratic Left – www.dsausa.org

  7. Free Inquiry - www.secularhumanism.org

  8. The Progressive – www.progressive.org

  9. Harpers Magazine – www.harpers.org

  10. Monthly Review – www.monthlyreview.org

Favorite Television Programs

  1. Democracy Now!

  2. Nova

  3. Frontline

  4. Bill Mahr

  5. Bill Moyers Journal

  6. CSPAN

Favorite Heroes/Icons/Beautiful People

  1. Arundhati Roy

  2. Cesar Chavez

  3. Jesus

  4. Martin Luther King

  5. Bobby Kennedy

  6. George Seldes

  7. John Lewis

  8. Ashley Montague

  9. Eleanor Roosevelt

  10. Franklin D. Roosevelt

  11. Paul Wellstone

  12. Dennis Kucinich

  13. Bernie Sanders

  14. Howard Zinn

  15. Ron Dellums

  16. Che Gueverra

  17. Fidel Castro

  18. Lula

  19. Patrice Lumumba

  20. Malcolm X

  21. John Perkins

  22. Studs Terkel

  23. Ralph Nader

  24. Ed Asner

  25. Noam Chomsky

  26. Hugo Chavez

  27. James Baldwin

  28. Linus Pauling

  29. Cornel West

Favorite Thoughts/Musings/Mental Meanderings

Choosing a Mate

(By Don Baham – March 8, 2005)

Choosing a mate who is immature

And requiring that mate to behave maturely

Is a sure sign of immaturity